Automatically & Wirelessly switches Off Air-conditioning / Heater + TV (or other remote controlled device) in an empty room to Save Energy.Air conditioning units (Heating and Cooling) are one of the most energy and money consuming devices in the home and office.It is a well known problem leaving these Air conditioning units for heating and cooling switched on when leaving a room.

This wasted energy will consume a large amount of power adding a substantial amount to your electricity bill and also consequently resulting in damage to the environment.

Ideal for Hotels and holiday rentals

where air conditioning is intentionally left running whilst no one is there, dramatically increasing your running costs. We would like to introduce the innovative energy saving device Eco Sensor that will automatically switch off these power consuming devices when the room is left empty for a predefined period of time.

Average power bill breakdown
This chart shows the typical break down of energy used in the home, the energy saver tackles the highest usage of energy maximising the power savings