Link with Aircon IR

1. Press Setup button for 5 sec

without releasing until red LED turns on (enter setup mode).
Start the set up of Energy Saver air con switch .

2. Send OFF command from Air Conditioner or other device to IR receiver

Program the sensor with your air conditioning remote control

Green LED will flicker once when the IR signal is received successfully; or it will flicker 5 times if failed.

3. Send 2nd Off command from TV (or other device) to IR receiver.

If IR is received successfully then Airconosense will exit the Setup mode (Red LED goes off).
This step is optional – if only 1 command is required, press the Setup button again to exit.

If no command is send within 15 seconds it will exit setup mode.

By pressing the setup button for around 10 seconds (you will see the red LED come on followed by the green LED a few seconds later) will erase all IR commands Notes about IR learning.

Most air-conditioners have the same button for Power On and Power Off, but in fact they send different commands. In this case, turn the Air Con ON (so the LCD displays the temperature) and then press the power button again facing the Airconosense. If the Air-con or other devices have the same command for on and off then Airconosense can not be used on this device.

Testing IR commands (manual)
Press setup button once to transmit IR command/s one after the other (the green LED will flicker once at the same time)

Motion Sensor (Timer) Setup

Adjust the delay of the Air con energy saving device using the slider switchWhen the Motion sensor STOPS detecting human movement (someone leaves the room), Airconosense activates a timer. Once timer reaches zero it will send the IR command/s to turn the power off. The timer will restart counting whenever the movement sensor detects movement again.

The amount of time from when the room is left empty till Power Off commands are sent is set by user using the Select Switch:

Select between 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and turn off. The time selection depends on the activity in the room. In case of an office where there are many people located in the same area and there is a lot of movement then the timer can be set to 15 minutes.

In case of  a bedroom, where there is less movement, it is preferable to set the timer to 30 or 60 minutes to avoid false power off.

Low Battery Indication

When the batteries are low, the red LED flickers once each 60 seconds to indicate to change batteries. The sensor uses 2 AAA batteries.